Poetry Collection

Bram Stoker finalist collection of 25 of the darkest poems you'll ever read from Charlee Jacob, the 2005 Bram Stoker Award for best novel. Contains the following poems:


  • Demoniac

  • Transubstantiation

  • My Eye

  • A Solicitation To Attend Her Fits

  • Need Me

  • In The Wild House

  • Rude Re-Awakening

  • Afterlives

  • Confabulations

  • Breathless

  • The Image Of A Razor

  • The Smile That Parts Us

  • My Eye’s Sequel: Where Blindness Fails

  • The Cost

  • Eidolon

  • Moths

  • Visitor On The Street Of Sorrows

  • Hide And Seek, The Corruption Of Becoming ‘It’

  • Quakes Through The Revel

  • Undiscovered Stars In The City Of The Dead

  • The Poem On These Lips

  • Funeral, With And Without Prayer

  • Final Requests

  • Spellbinder

  • Heresy